Father’s day cards

How traditional are Father’s Day cards?

How delighted, do you think, would a “new” father be upon receiving a Father’s Day card thanking him for being the breadwinner, praising him as a great, powerful man? Or do you believe he would prefer being addressed as an emotional, caring and loving parent? There is a big chance that, even if the father wishes to be praised as an emotionally oriented parent, he will most likely receive cards highlighting the traditional breadwinner role, whilst the loving, caring role is usually reserved for mothers.

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“Parenthood” – The Making of.

Guest blog post by Irene Rieder and Eva-Maria Schmidt

Worldwide, every second 2,6 babies see the light of day. Some of these babies help to transform their producers into first-time parents, a transition which involves specific gendered imaginings and manifestations. As a group of family sociologists at the University of Vienna, we are currently looking behind the scenes of these gendered practices and processes at the transition to parenthood in order to shed more light on the (in)equalities between mothers(-to-be) and fathers(-to-be). Against the backdrop of sociological research revealing a (re-)traditionalization of family roles after the birth of the first child, we ask: How does this happen? Read more