The normative power of the nuclear family

“For children, it is better to live in a real family, where mom and dad are around”, a ten-year-old girl from a single parent family said to the interviewer in a study in Austria.  And a boy living with his single mother said: “Actually children would need two parents, that´s what my friends say.”  A single mother in a more rural area said: “… in the back of your mind, it will always be there, that a father is missing”. Read more

What you will find in this blog

The blogposts will refer to results of family research, not only reporting essential results but also giving some comments on it.

The posts will cover:

¬ the diversity of family forms in Europe and worldwide

¬ consequences for policy strategies out of social science data

¬ the situation of different family forms in different countries

¬ reconciliation of work and family

The blogposts are based on the Project FamiliesAndSocieties (a project funded by European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 320116).

Some of the posts will refer to this project directly, others are related to the  theme and take a global perspective. The underlying scientific articles appeared in high ranked scientific journals, which are hardly accessible for the average reader. I report the essential results adding reflections and thoughts which might inspire the reader for autonomous further thinking.

The first post will be published on 3rd of May 2017.