Children’s time use and family structure in Italy

Single parents have a legitimation problem: besides the fact that most of them are economically disadvantaged, they have always to state that they are as good a family and can care as good for their children than do families with both parents. An Italian group within the FamiliesAndSocieties project analyzed if children with a single parent read and study less or more than those with both parents, using data for the Italian Time Use Survey.

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The value of children

Always in the papers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece or Portugal: too few children are born. If those countries would not have immigration, it would be much lower. Population shrinks.

What is the matter? The „Value of Children“ approach tries to answer this question. Starting already in the seventies of the last century but being more and more developed until modern times, mainly by sociologist Bernhard Nauck.

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