The value of children

Always in the papers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece or Portugal: too few children are born. If those countries would not have immigration, it would be much lower. Population shrinks.

What is the matter? The „Value of Children“ approach tries to answer this question. Starting already in the seventies of the last century but being more and more developed until modern times, mainly by sociologist Bernhard Nauck.

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The normative power of the nuclear family

“For children, it is better to live in a real family, where mom and dad are around”, a ten-year-old girl from a single parent family said to the interviewer in a study in Austria.  And a boy living with his single mother said: “Actually children would need two parents, that´s what my friends say.”  A single mother in a more rural area said: “… in the back of your mind, it will always be there, that a father is missing”. Read more